Here ya go Anon! 0u0 I hope it’s to your liking, your request made me so HAPPY! ♡

I’ve always thought that Mikey is one of the main reasons that the bros can stick together so well. That’s why I had him as the source of their brotherly love~

Sorry about the poor quality, I’m still having to use my phone. Will scan all these later and hopefully update my posts. ^u^”


When Will My Life Begin? | Mandy Moore


Becky G | Shower
Shower - Single (2014)


you think you’re a better kisser than me??? you think you’re a better cuddler? come over here and prove it punk



"I think the reason girls, April included, like guys like Raph..”

Are you tryin to say what I think you’re tryin to say

"I keep trying to convince Ciro that there’s a whole way that relationship could go"



Took me 2 years to finally watch TMNT 2012… and I… LOVE IT!!~<3

Since I know there are people on tumblr who works on the show; I’ve a small request for them: please, please, pleaseeee make an episode were the turtles are babies or little kids! :D

Besides that, I wanna thank you all the people involved in the proyect, they took a childhood’s personal favorite and turned it into a new awesome tv series that now I’m obsessed with!

Obligatory question time: Do you like TMNT? Which it’s your favourite?


THE FULL 2014 TMNT COMIC CON PANEL IS UP! However due to copyright and all that stuff, the Dimension X preview has been cut because Nick is full of jerks who are only kind to SDCC attendants, Still, enjoy!!

Raph/don prompt: Raph tries to convince Donnie that he is beautiful.


"Listen! Can you just shut up for a second?"

Donnie stopped. A small sniffle and a hiccup escaped and he went silent. Raph was hovering over him, both of his hands gripping tightly on his shoulders to keep him steady. Raph let a few seconds fly between them. He sighed.

"Just..stop saying ..that stuff about yourself." Raph said. His eyes darted all over Donnie’s face purposely avoiding his eyes as he spoke. "None of it is know?’re really…"

"Raph?" Donnie’s eyes began to tear up again.

"Don, you’re smart..sometimes funny and have really..nice eyes.." Raph mumbled the last part but Donnie still could make out what he said. He managed a smile. "You don’t let anyone make you feel like crap, got it? You are ten times more beautiful than anyone ever so…yeah.” Nice finish..

Donnie rubbed his eyes quickly then wrapped his arms around Raph. Donnie buried his face into his brother’s shoulder, his voice was muffled but a small “Thanks, Raph.” was heard. Raph hugged his brother and rubbed his shell. 



Right before my friend moved she wanted to get together and do a shoot based on the new movie.

We wanted to make some sort of cosplay/fashion inspired by the Ninja Turtles, and with them being so heavily accessorized in the new movie it was easy to put together outfits similar to their looks. We had designed these when images for the turtles had first started coming out so they might not be accurate anymore. 

Hopefully the movie itself is decent, if not, we’ll always have their older stuff! 

Too cute <3