Have some beach bums bros hanging out ;___: I love you!


Have some beach bums bros hanging out ;___: I love you!

man i’m tired of this hiatus. i need new episodes of my ninjas NOW


Did it.


Look at how they all just look at Mikey when he falls asleep and lands on top of Leo. 

Leo doesn’t try to shove him off or yells at him to wake up & neither do the other turtles. 

Even though Raph had to wake him up when Splinter told him to, he doesn’t make any yell at Mikey to wake up or throw him off of Leo & Donnie doesn’t even react as much to him. 

They are all exhausted from the training so they understand that Mikey has reached his limit when it comes to exercising and training. They don’t make a big fuss over his condition because they are feeling the same way as he is. 

I actually find it pretty cute that Leo allows Mikey to sleep on him. It’s those subtle Bromance moments that really get to me in a show ya know….. 

Bottom Of The River
Delta Rae
Carry The Fire
416 plays

Hold my hand

Oh, baby it’s a long way down

To the bottom of the river

lol i think i ship everyone with april except donnie



" I love Mickey! He’s the cutest ninja turtle."image

Ah yes, Mickey the party dude.

"Ralph’s my favorite ninja turtle."

Either way, both are gonna wreck something.



30 day graphics meme ⇒ 4: crossover more lyrics just because

You need both together